About Us

Fair CleanersWe rather let the quality of our work do the talking as we aren’t too big on words but nevertheless the About Us page of our website cannot be left empty.

So who are we? We consider ourselves to be a reliable and efficient cleaning company that has one simple aim in our sites – to provide our customers with genuinely good cleaning services which are worth people’s time and money. Unlike other service providers we don’t practice the usual hit and run service approach, and we certainly don’t adhere to narrow-minded, profit-hungry work methods which only frustrate customers eventually undermine the business.

We believe that customers are our most valuable asset therefore we want to see them satisfied with the quality of our work, and coming back for more. We strive for the best possible results each time, no matter how basic or elaborate the job. We don’t overlook anything and always approach every cleaning request with the due precision, efficiency and attention to detail. Of course this would have been possible if it wasn’t for our dedicated, highly skilled cleaning technicians.

The way we do business is transparent and straightforward – we value open, active communication with our customers, so please contact us via phone. We aim to provide comprehensive coverage of all needs – even when people are just after some useful tips and advice.

Last but not least, we understand and appreciate the importance of affordability – overpriced services would be rendered useless for our customers, which would in turn make us redundant. And we will have none of that. Our service pricing is always adequate and corresponds to the specifics of the given job. We base our pricing on fair quotes without any hidden fees.

Entrust your service requirements to us and cleaning woes will be made a thing of the past – take our word for it!